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New high-performance technologies
for lump products separation by means of X-ray luminescent and X-ray spectral separators,
designed by "Egont" Ltd. Since 1991.

"Egont" Ltd. carries out research and development in the field of lump separation and sorting applications, linked to certain field geology, technological parameters of present separation process, equipment and production intensity.

The aim of our company is to provide our customers with modern flawless technologies, which save money, resources and maintains ecology at the same time. Our specialists carry out entire projects from the stage of preliminary design to industrial manufacturing and service.

The proposed technology is based on a natural unevenness of valuable components distribution. The technology includes the following steps:

  • Bulk excavation;
  • Crushing up to the class –50 mm;
  • Screening to separable classes;
  • Lump separation of classes from –50 to +10 mm, including a property analysis of each piece and division by a given quality level;
  • Small portions division (portion weight less than 1 kg) for products of size class –10 mm.

    Comparative scheme of technologies (in Russian), Equipment